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Teaching and Learning

I very recently accepted a position as a children’s teacher at my studio. I’ve been teaching private one-on-one classes for the past few months to anyone interested in trying out pottery for one lesson, but this is totally different. A regularly scheduled class with the same students every week. And for my very first class I had EIGHT students! 8 children ages 8-13, sitting at pottery wheels with clay and water and no idea what to do with it. For perspective that is nearly twice the size that the class usually is. I was so nervous and excited for my first class that when the students arrived I barely even knew what to say to their parents. And as all these kids sat down and looked up at me to teach them and be in charge, I nearly panicked that I wouldn’t be able to handle it. But I started to show them what to do, if not a little shakily, and within 15 minutes everything was going smoothly!

They did an AMAZING job. 100 times better than I ever expected after one 2-hour class. Each child ended up with 3 pieces, and with each new try they got better and better and better! It was truly inspiring to see them learning so quickly and having so much fun doing so. I am so proud of them already and they’ve only had one class! I’m also learning a lot already. its surprising how quickly kids pick up skills like this and I’m realizing that the agenda I had planned for the full 6 weeks of class might only last 2 or 3! Its a lesson for me in planning and in expectations. My next class is tomorrow and I’m so excited to see what they can make this time!

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