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The Biggest Piece I’ve Ever Thrown (WIPs)

The more clay you throw at once the more difficult it is. Centering a huge block of clay takes A LOT of muscle, which is why I usually do it in smaller pieces (as I did for this one) even still, once you have 25lbs of clay centered on the wheel, doing anything with it and keeping control of it as it gets taller is really really hard! I wanted to make this piece mostly to see if I could, and I had no real ideas about what it might look like before I started, other than that I wanted it to be a vase of sorts. IMG_1943 I was pretty happy that I was even able to keep it upright to be honest! These pictures are the piece freshly thrown, and then after I’ve trimmed it and added some detail carvings. Its only the tiniest bit lopsided and the walls actually turned out pretty even!IMG_1951 The bottom was a little thicker than I wanted it to be but I decided the leave it thick so that I could carve that nice heavy foot. Unfortunately this came back to bite me because it ended up cracking across the bottom during the bisque firing. I decided to glaze it anyway and honestly wish that I hadn’t because it was so beautiful in its bisque color! I have another large piece, a perfect salad bowl that was about 15lbs, that also cracked along the bottom (a tragedy!) and I decided to leave it unglazed and use as a decorative storage bowl. Although these pieces didn’t turn out how I wanted they were still fun and of course a great learning experience- not only with throwing large pieces, but also with leaving things raw if it fits.

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