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Movin’ On Up!

Today I stopped by the pottery shop where I display and sell my work and was happily surprised to see that I’ve been relocated to the second floor! I had previously been on the first floor, which is divided into a few smaller rooms, and I had a half-wall shelving area to show my work. Not a bad space by any means! The second floor however is where all the “serious” artists are located… artists who have a steady career off of their work and sell all across the country! I now have a wider, ceiling-height shelf all to myself, and a place card with my information on it. I am ecstatic!!


  1. Cassidy says

    Haha the teal cup and the crab plate one the lowest shelf are actually the only things that aren’t mine! The cup is beautiful though isn’t it?! It’s raku so unfortunately it isn’t functional but I love that color!


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