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My DIY Sewing Basket

I’ve been wanting a sewing machine for a few years, and this year for Christmas, I got one! Along with the machine I received a box full of tons of colors of thread, bobbins, and a few other sewing supplies and tools. I already had a small sewing basket with hand sewing tools and a couple threads, and unfortunately, not all of my supplies would fit into only one of the boxes! I tried to use both for a while but organization is so important if I’m going to be productive. So I went on the search for a new sewing basket!


I love thrift shopping. You can always find either exactly what you need, or something that you can MAKE into exactly what you need. When I saw this box in my local thrift store selling for $1, I had to have it. It looked close to the size I wanted and I love that silk brocade!


With boxes the inside is the deal breaker or maker. I opened it up to find even more beautiful fabric! Yay!! The only problem was a styrofoam insert covered in more cloth that looked like it might have held a vase at some point. I tried to lift it up in the store but it seemed glued down, which was worrying, as this could mean the bottom wasn’t lined, but I figured for one dollar I might as well give it a try. When I got it home I was able to gently rip it right out without a trace left on the box! And the bottom is not only lined, but padded. Perfect!


I started by filling up the bottom of the box with all my different threads. I’d hoped they’d fit a little more cleanly but they do fit and thats what matters! I put my bobbin box down in the bottom too.


I knew I needed a drop tray if I was going to keep anything organized at all, and obviously this box didn’t come with one, so I made one myself. I chopped up an old shoebox to get the cardboard I needed and then taped it together with packaging tape. I organized all my tools and decided what kind of dividers I wanted and then cut out my walls to the sizes I needed.


It definitely isn’t the most beautiful divider tray, but it works perfectly! I might cover the inside with paper or something if the urge strikes me, but for now I’m happy with it! I love that the dividers are custom fit to the sizes I need, and I especially love that it only cost me $1 and a little bit of work to have a beautiful (at least on the outside!) and useful sewing basket!


Did I mention how cool it is that my sewing basket is covered in fabric? Its the little things that make me happy! Now I just have to start my next sewing project!

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