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WIP of the week: Lids!

This week I started playing around with lids. I’ve made lids in the past, but they’re never quite the right size- in trying to make sure they’re not too big I almost always make them too small! So I’m going to be spending a lot of time this month practicing lids.


These vessels aren’t for any specific purpose other than to make a lidded jar, so some of them have kind of weird shapes. I like to test out new shapes and ideas whenever I’m not making something for a specific purpose because, who knows, it could become a favorite! I want to eventually be ready to make lidded casseroles, honey pots, and tea pots.


These two pots actually switched lids! The bigger lid ended up fitting on the smaller piece and the smaller lid is too small for the one its on. Once they’re fired I may switch them back to their original pairs but in this picture, the piece on the right has a perfectly fitting lid and that was pretty cool!

IMG_2385I also made a few garlic roasters! I’ve never used a garlic roaster before but apparently they make garlic creamy and spreadable, and were another perfect excuse to throw some lids. I’ll be trying these out before I sell them to make sure they work and if I like the results, I may have to keep one for myself.


The next day I tried some larger pieces with lids. These two are cookie jar sized and again, traded lids at the last minute. This time the piece on the left has the perfectly fitting lid, which I have since added an awesome thrown handle to! All of these pieces are smooth and will be showcasing a new glaze I tried out this week.


Last but not least I made a little set of brie bakers. These sell like crazy for some reason! I wanted to practice throwing “identical” pieces and I think with these it worked pretty well. They’re nice and big and I really like the shape. I’ll also be trying these out before I sell them (to make sure they don’t crack in the oven) and when I do I’ll post the recipe I tried out!

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