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Early Spring Cleaning

It’s totally almost spring. The days are getting a little bit longer and its almost not cold out. Right?? Either way I’m going to pretend its spring and start doing my spring cleaning! Doesn’t it just feel so much lighter in the house when things are clean and tidy? The first area on my list is the kitchen, so today I started by wiping down all the counter space, moving everything including the toaster oven so I could clean everywhere. And then it was time for…the dreaded gadget drawer.


This drawer holds all the extra kitchen gadget stuff that you use occasionally but not enough to leave them out. Over time more things get thrown in there, and as things are used they just get tossed back in… until THIS happens. I know its a disaster. But I’m ready to face my mistakes and organize it!


Six minutes later and we have this! It isn’t perfect, but in a gadget junk drawer, especially in this tiny kitchen, being able to see and even reach everything is pretty excellent. And I only took ONE thing out! An electric carving knife that I never have and never will use to carve literally anything I’ve cooked. Now foam batting on the other hand…that is something that I can use this thing for! As I’ve heard, an electric carving knife is the absolute best tool for cutting through foam.

IMG_2411 Things I’m planning to make out of foam include a foam bat for trimming pottery, and later this spring I’d like to make pillows and cushions for my floor seating area! Come on warm weather!!!

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