Month: March 2015

WIP of the Week: Plant Hangers and Multiples!

Yesterday might have been one of my most productive days at the studio ever! Besides these AWESOME hanging planter pots, I also made 8 pitchers, 8 mugs, 9 chip’n’dips, 7 brie bakers, 7 yarn bowls, and a serving platter! And all in pretty close to matching sizes. Less than a year ago I wouldn’t have been able to make even 2 matching forms and now I’m doing 8 at a time! Tomorrow I’ll be putting handles on the mugs and brie bakers and cutting the yarn bowls. Handles are definitely not my strong point but I have to keep working on them to get there! I’ve also gotten better at trimming efficiently and consistently. I love intricate trimming, but for something like a yarn bowl it makes more sense to have clean, simple feet. And now for the best part- these great hanging planter pots!!! These are all pretty big, with probably close to a gallon of space inside them. They’ll hang upside down by macramé strings and I can just imagine them with long hanging …

WIP of the Week: Glazing Day!

Lots of glazing to do today!! I had tea bowls, candle plates, some brie bakers, and some large vase forms ready to be glazed. I’m continuing to test out newer glazes, and I’m finding some really gorgeous ones! I also want to try out painting with underglazes, and I left some large flat surfaces on my vases for just this purpose. I’m not sure what I’ll paint on them yet- it could be a pattern, or even a scene of some sort!  Bisque ware is so beautiful in its own way! In the corner here you can see my very first bisqued porcelain bowl!! I can’t wait to see how the glazes turn out on such a beautiful white surface. Thanks for reading!

DC Realists Exhibition in Bethesda!

A few days ago I replied to a call for entries to the DC Realists exhibition, and I was accepted!! Two of my pieces, including the one pictured above, will be on display April 10th-30th at the Artworks Gallery in Bethesda. I’m so excited!! This will be my first chance to display my 2D work since college, and the exposure could be really helpful towards selling my drawings and paintings in Frederick! The opening reception will be April 10th at 6pm, at 7740 Old Georgetown Rd, Bethesda, Maryland 20814. I can’t wait!!!

Testing Garlic Roasters

The past few weeks I’ve been experimenting with lids. One of my very first lidded projects was to make these garlic roasters! I’d never roasted garlic before but my boyfriend had, and he suggested I try it out. They turned out really beautiful! My research about them revealed that they’re usually done in unglazed terra cotta, and soaked briefly in water before being used for roasting. The extra water that soaks into the terra cotta is supposed to help them roast the garlic. Since I’ve never used a garlic roaster before, and don’t have access to terra cotta, I thought I’d try a couple different glaze patterns and try them all to see which one works best. As you can see, I have one roaster that is entirely unglazed, one that is fully glazed, and one that is left unglazed on the inside only. Unfortunately the vent hole in the partially glazed roaster was blocked with glaze during the firing so I wasn’t able to test that one out today. Once it gets warm enough …

WIP of the Week: Fish Paintings!

IT IS STILL SNOWING. This winter needs to end already. Since I was stuck inside for about the millionth time this winter, I decided to do some painting today! During college I did a couple paintings based on black moor goldfish, and they are still some of my favorite works! They’re different from my usual style, but something about them just really appeals to me. My first and most favorite is the one below, in rainbow! I have in hanging in my front entryway. I’ve also done one with ghostly white fish, which is much smaller and in my bathroom. I’ve been asked multiple times to sell the larger one but I just can’t part with it! So today, I’m working on a new version. A diptych! I think this one will turn out really really great. This is just the underpainting, I haven’t decided yet what color I want these fish to be- it could be another rainbow, or possibly black fish, or even a few black and a few orange! I also have a silver metallic …