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WIP of the Week: Plant Hangers and Multiples!

Yesterday might have been one of my most productive days at the studio ever! Besides these AWESOME hanging planter pots, I also made 8 pitchers, 8 mugs, 9 chip’n’dips, 7 brie bakers, 7 yarn bowls, and a serving platter! And all in pretty close to matching sizes.IMG_2499


Less than a year ago I wouldn’t have been able to make even 2 matching forms and now I’m doing 8 at a time! Tomorrow I’ll be putting handles on the mugs and brie bakers and cutting the yarn bowls. Handles are definitely not my strong point but I have to keep working on them to get there! I’ve also gotten better at trimming efficiently and consistently. I love intricate trimming, but for something like a yarn bowl it makes more sense to have clean, simple feet.


And now for the best part- these great hanging planter pots!!!


These are all pretty big, with probably close to a gallon of space inside them. They’ll hang upside down by macramé strings and I can just imagine them with long hanging ivy or flowers! I really hope these sell well because I LOVE making them!! And I get to do my fancy trimming which always looks so beautiful. IMG_2505

This is probably the most trimming scraps I’ve had from one day! Hopefully I can keep up this super productive mode I’ve been in recently!


  1. Barb says

    I have got to have one of the hanging pots!!! They are beautiful. What is the price tag?


    • Cassidy says

      I’m not sure how much they’ll be yet, I have to glaze them first! I’ll let you know asap though!! I’m glad you like them!


  2. Chad Nazworth says

    Hey Cassidy,

    I’m wondering how you throw the hanging planters, i would love your tips to make them. Are they thrown upside down or thrown thick and trimmed intricately? Also, about how much clay do you use?

    Any tips you can provide would be awesome! Keep up the great work 🙂



    • Cassidy says

      These ones were thrown thickly and trimmed to shape, although I’ve also done a few thrown upside down as a closed form! I prefer the first method because they feel sturdier and look more polished, especially on the inside, where a closed form has that little twist at the close. Thanks for your interest in my work!



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