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Mixing Bowls and Happy Accidents

I haven’t written much of anything recently because I’ve been insanely busy. I feel like I constantly am doing things, and yet always have a giant pile of more work that I need to get done! During this super busy time I’ve been making amazing progress with my pottery though. I can now make multiples with true ease, and today made this mixing bowl set on a whim- without even measuring!! They fit together perfectly in every way. Its truly thrilling to try something out and have it work fantastically. But not everything turns out how I planned- I wanted to make some cappuccino cups today, and not only did they turn out juuust a little too big, they also got overly dry while I was teaching a class- too dry to add any kind of handles to- and they ended up as a whole bunch of ice-cream bowls. IMG_2561

I still like them as ice-cream bowls though so no real harm done! My next workday will be yarn bowls forever, which was what I had actually planned to make today… sometimes you go in with one goal and end up doing something totally different. This can backfire if you’re not focused but when it ends in a perfect set of mixing bowls it really works in your favor. Thats all for today but I’m going to try to write more whenever I have a free minute!

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