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The Potters Guild of Frederick

I’ve been a member of the Potters Guild of Frederick for a while now, and recently, I took my first batch of work in to be displayed for sale! This little nook beautifully mixes my work (the striped pieces) in with other members work. I love the stripe of purple paired with the solid purple. I never would have thought to do something like that but now, I’ll probably make some sets with this combination! This is just one little corner of the potters guild, there are hundreds of awesome pieces for sale there! Stop in and check it out if you’re walking around Market Street downtown!

100 Mugs Challenge

I’ve been making a lot of mugs lately and they’ve been turning out really well! However they do all have a fairly similar look… a look that I like, but still, there isn’t much diversity. Thats why I was so excited when some members of my studio suggested a challenge for anyone interested to make 100 mugs! I want to try at least 20 new techniques if I can, which means I would have 5 mugs to practice each technique. I’m not sure of all the things I want to try, but some of them are faceting, slip trailing, and new handle making techniques. I can’t wait to get started tomorrow! Besides how fun and challenging it’ll be to come up with all these new forms, once they’re done, they’ll make a fantastic display for my booth! Today and tomorrow I’ll be checking out local farmers markets as potential venues to sell my work, and hopefully very soon I’ll be selling at them monthly, if not weekly. Wish me luck!


Anyone who has ever worked a retail job of any kind probably knows how frustrating inventorying is. What makes it even worse is when theres no system in place for the inventory, and you are in change of not only coming up with the system, but also deciding what really needs to be recorded, what information is irrelevant, what record keeping system works best for you, how to organize between locations, how to store your inventory….!!!! That isn’t even all of the struggles involved in creating your own inventory. I tried searching the internet for possible help and online record keeping systems, and I found one that seemed pretty good… for 100$ a year! Even the best inventory system is not worth 100$ a year at this point in my career. Instead I looked over its best features and used their ideas to tweak my current inventory, which is an app on my iPad called Sortly. It has pretty much the same features as the expensive online program but it was free (or less than …

Movin’ On Up!

Today I stopped by the pottery shop where I display and sell my work and was happily surprised to see that I’ve been relocated to the second floor! I had previously been on the first floor, which is divided into a few smaller rooms, and I had a half-wall shelving area to show my work. Not a bad space by any means! The second floor however is where all the “serious” artists are located… artists who have a steady career off of their work and sell all across the country! I now have a wider, ceiling-height shelf all to myself, and a place card with my information on it. I am ecstatic!!