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WIP of the Week: Fish Paintings!

IT IS STILL SNOWING. This winter needs to end already. Since I was stuck inside for about the millionth time this winter, I decided to do some painting today! During college I did a couple paintings based on black moor goldfish, and they are still some of my favorite works! They’re different from my usual style, but something about them just really appeals to me. My first and most favorite is the one below, in rainbow! I have in hanging in my front entryway.


I’ve also done one with ghostly white fish, which is much smaller and in my bathroom. I’ve been asked multiple times to sell the larger one but I just can’t part with it! So today, I’m working on a new version.


A diptych! I think this one will turn out really really great. This is just the underpainting, I haven’t decided yet what color I want these fish to be- it could be another rainbow, or possibly black fish, or even a few black and a few orange! I also have a silver metallic that could be really cool (or really not cool). As soon as I decide what color I want I can finish it! Any suggestions?

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